I know Mick West is kind of like a persona non grata on this subreddit, but I also think it’s important for people to keep an open mind about possible explanations for what the Gimbal video is showing.

In this video, Mick is demonstrating a possible explanation with an experiment that you can easily replicate at home. Further information on this hypothesis with other verifiable data and reproducible evidence is available here:

https://youtu.be/qsEjV8DdSbs – A detailed breakdown of all aspects of the hypothesis

https://youtu.be/Eozxt_HnPu4?t=2547 – Lue Elizondo and Mick West discussing the glare hypothesis

https://youtu.be/r3keF8rf7Ig?t=903 – Discussing the Gimbal video and glare hypothesis with a former F-18 pilot (who flew with David Fravor)

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