I’ve always been a bit of a skeptical person most my life, I still don’t believe ghosts are real, and neither is Santa.

I find it hard to not believe that there aren’t any UFOs. Since there is much footage & LOADS of people sharing their stories of what they saw. I would go through Google, youtube, forums, community, and other such to gather more useful information on it.

Despite all of it, I am still in the grey area of believing it or not. UNTIL David Grusch comes out of nowhere and drops a bombshell that hey “THERE ARE NON-HUMAN & THERE IS A PROGRAM THAT retrieves NON-HUMAN CRAFT”… I was like okay… chill man… then he goes and does the testimonial. Not only that, they claim he is only a 2nd witness when there is I believe 30 1st hand witness. . . ? What in the world is happening? IF THERE is more than ONE person who believes that these things exist then… how can you say it ain’t real ?

You are telling me all of them are delusional ? Come on now, it doesn’t make sense. There is definitely something going on behind that closed door that we don’t even know about.

I want to believe it. All I ask is one proof, and you win.

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