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I am riddled with anxiety over this. It’s like I can’t think about anything else. How the fuck am I supposed to work and pay taxes and be human and shit when there’s potentially an entire universe filled with life? What am I doing here scraping and clawing to survive when there are beings out there that can travel through time/space instantly and god knows what else. This was all one thing when it was on the fringe of society…like I had no problems accepting the fact that there could be “others” when it wasn’t real. Does that make sense? Like it’s cute to think about E.T.s riding in a basket but what the fuck would you do if say, they actually decide to reveal themselves to us all and the government has no choice in stopping it? Can you look at one of these beings in your actual reality and not start foaming at the mouth and losing your shit? The more and more this comes to light, the less and less I think we’re all going to be able to handle it in a rational, calm way.

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