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I’m making this post as most of the information around whats going on in Peru is in Spanish and maybe this would help some of the non-spanish speaking people in the sub to make up their own opinions about the situation. Most of the info I’m posting here is from Twitter, with some reports of local newspapers. Im not from Peru so I can’t speak on how valid these reports are.

Context for those living under a rock:

There has been numerous reports over the last few weeks of ‘beings’ attacking people at night in the indigenous community (Ikitu tribe) located in the region of Loreto, Perú. Some locals are calling these beings ‘Pelacara’ or ‘Pishtako’. Apparently this is a term used for beings that are usually described as tall white men that attack people in the area (this has happening for years according to locals) in order to steal their skin and fat for some unknown reason. For what I read, some people think is a human/organ trafficking situation and others think is ET related.

Some of the recent reports include people being attacked with lightbeams/laserbeams, beings that glow and float, beings that cannot be killed with conventional weapons, people with cuts around their necks.

Video 1: The man describes the beings he saw: They have a mask covering their whole faces with a silver armor, stading in a round a thing shaped like a disk that floats around 1m over the ground and they have red lights in the area of the ankles. Their heads are long and their masks as well with yellow-ish eyes. The man claims to have shoot the being twice but the being does not fall, instead it floats higher.

Report: A local teacher (Silas Soto) reported an attack by these beings where he got burned with a laser in the head. Apparently the teacher is in critical condition. There’s not much more about this incident.

Video 2: Report of a teenage girl that managed to escape from an attack from these beings. She was in shock when rescued and had some cuts in her neck. Some claim that its because the beings were trying to remove her skin.

Video 3: A man tells the police that he shot one of these beings from a distance of 12m. He also adds that they cover their faces and that their whole bodies float.

Video 4: A local man asking the authorities to come help the people of the community. The man says everyone is very scared at night and some are even afraid of falling asleep cause these beings can come and attack them or kill them. He ask for the army and the police to go and stay to protect the people of the region. He also says they just wwant to live in peace as they used to. Currently people are scared to even go look for food so they are almost out of supplies.

Last report so far: According to the investigation by the Public Ministry, these are illegal miners who intended to create fear in the Ikitu tribe to carry out illicit activities. This was posted just a few hours ago so I haven’t be able to verify it.

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