With congress on recess, things here have slowed down while we patiently wait for things to resume! In the meantime I’m curious as to how people become interested in this phenomenon. What made you turn from the dismissive naysayer to what you are now?

I’ve always loved hearing stories about all things paranormal. As I grew older I left that side of my life. There is so much BS, so many “crazies”, and out there people I just didn’t really trust anyone or anything. I was still interested in stories and encounters. I just didn’t know where to find that.

However one day my friend told me of a personal “encounter” he said he was camping with some friends near the Ottawa river when him and his group saw a metallic sphere about a metre in diameter hanging out at tree height close by. It was solid(not a balloon), mostly quiet, and freaked them out. It was there for a few minutes kind of moving around. Then it flew off super fast. Some guys showed up late and both groups were a little freaked out. I guess the guys who got there late saw a black triangle in Aylmer that evening and that held them up lol.

A few years later I was working with someone and the topic came up. I shared this second hand account and he freaked out and asked who my friends were. I told him and he said he was there and it was crazy! Over the years I’ve met most of the people in that group and everyone of them became a believer after that.

In 2010 I picked up Leslie Kean’s book, I started reading stories from “credible” witnesses and my passion returned. Then exploded this past June. I never believed in the government coverup side of things until then, and now I love how deep this all goes. It makes me feel less… alone?

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