I would love to believe this story… but,
u telling me that an alleged brilliant scientist guy who was picked by a pincer by the MIB to be ‘read-in’ into a SAP program and was also (by his own addition) very paranoid at this point and was sleeping with a gun under his pillow did not think/found it necessary to make a dead-man switch before he starts to go online and reveal condemning classified stuff about his alleged ex-work place and staff?

i see 3 options for this:
1. even he gave the impression he has only a couple more months to live do to cancer, he is STILL ALIVE and kicking and his switch might be activated one day when his gone.

but then, why not continue to leak more info after his initial big leak if he has more time and info to share?

this guy wasn’t so bulletproof as he claimed (no live family/no close friends) and the MIB found some leverage on him to make him stop talking, be it money or death threats on loved ones after his gone etc..

he might have also realized that reviling this info could hurt some of his SAP colleagues and friends (not his SAP bosses) and he might have wanted to avoid that.

it was a LARP that got out of hand so he went underground now.

considering some of the self-contradictory claims in his posts and the inaccuracies to real events and theories (any REAL scientist would have known of) and the obvious Hollywood-style melodramatic writing technics used in the posts i wouldn’t be surprised why he stopped dumping “new info” as to not farther discredit his story…

I’m NOT SAYING “Where are the crafts pics/videos or exotic metal samples out of the lab”

but a simple dead-man switch list of info like names of the SAP, its workers and management, location of his lab, or crushes locations and dates (which he allowed to know some of) would not seem too hard to make to a guy like him.. sure, he might consider it a matter of national security so he rather not say..

but then, why not talk more about the chines SAP’s info which he also said to have more of.. how will that affect his morals of keeping US national security?

overall, i see a lot of ppl say nowadays “That’s just what the 4Chen leaker said!” on everything but most ppl seem to ignore all of his story holes and logical contradicts at the same time (I might make an in-depth post about those someday..) and the fact that MOST of the info presented in his story was just fringe but known ufo lore, and very little if any original info that ended up to be correct…

again, i would love for this story to be real in most parts (i know he spread some miss info in it instantly) but we need to be more objective on this sub when analyzing big claims and videos especially now when the coverup program seems to have shifted into high gear with all these new bots and fake videos.

if we say everything is real with no real investigation on our end when the thing will turn out to be fake it will shadow other REAL things like the recent congress discloser efforts and claims by reliable sources.

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