Granted Mick’s background as a video game dev, I’m surprised I haven’t seen any posts calling out Mick to debunk the two videos that show the airliner being disappeared by the 3 orbs. So far I am yet to see any mention by Mick or a meaningful debunking process underway on his Metabunk forum. I’m neutral in the clips, but have to say the lack of progress from the debunking camp is an intriguing detail in itself.

Over the last few days, the work that Redditors have put into investigating the videos has turned up an unexpected amount of information that (on the surface) adds credence to the videos.

This same type of information in other cases usually becomes Mick’s fodder as he methodically unpicks and in many cases successfully debunks videos purportedly showing UAP.

So this begs the question, where’s Mick? Its his time to shine. These videos are so far into his wheelhouse that ignoring them becomes equally as mysterious as the videos them self. In any another case that sparks this much attention, he would demonstrate through reconstruction how videos like this can be explained. Hopefully he has the will to openly and honestly addresses the videos and the points that appear to support the veracity of the videos like all the others.

Is this the case that breaks the Metabunk glass ceiling? Let’s assume for a second that if the current disclosure effort is what it is, then there will be a time that we are presented video evidence that can’t be disputed. How do people like Mick and the Metabunk loyal deal with such a situation? Is this it? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s a good dry run to see if there is a point where Mick throws in the towel and concedes that he has no explanation.

Hopefully he can move on from arguing about the camera rotation on the gimbal atflir camera and tackle a more worthy problem like the disappearing plane.

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