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I’m sure a lot of people are asking why the U.S. government is moving towards disclosure now. The following is my speculation on what is forcing the U.S. government to take action. (Again, this is speculation so please feel free to wear your tinfoil hats).

Based on recent geopolitical events, I think the key reason the U.S. government is moving towards disclosure is to due to economic and geopolitical pressures regarding the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency and loss of that status.

I think the U.S. government is well aware that the dollar will lose reserve currency status at some point in the future (10 years or so). When that happens, the U.S. will experience hyperinflation and serious economic turmoil.

Right now, the U.S. is the reserve currency due to petrodollar system. In order to buy oil from the world’s leading energy producers, you must buy your energy in dollars. Basically, the U.S. dollar is backed by the fact that its needed in order to buy energy. It used to be backed by gold until the 70’s, but now it is backed by energy commodities.

However, this system is under extreme pressure. The U.S. has printed trillions out of thin air, which is driving up inflation like crazy – hence the extremely high interest rates right now. Unlike other inflationary situations however, there is now a strong coordinated effort to try and de-dollarize international trade.

For example, China, which is the world’s largest trading partner for most of the world, has signed a great deal of bilateral currency exchange deals that would allow countries to trade with it in the yuan or local currency.

There is a push by BRICS to eventually have a trade currency backed by commodities a la the bancor as suggested by John Maynard Keynes.

This is a deliberate attempt to gradually put an end to the dollar as the global reserve currency just as it happened to the UK pound and Dutch guilder.

*But what does this have to do with NHI and advanced tech and the timing of disclosure?* Quite simple – if the U.S.’ reserve currency status is propped up by the petrodollar system, then they had no reason to reveal NHI zero point energy as that would disrupt their reserve currency status.

Now that it is under attack by geopolitical forces, the U.S. feels the pressure to bring out/”discover” zero point energy in order to gain patents and control over the next form of energy to back the dollar. They really have no choice. Either release a closet full of tech wonders to revitalize and prop up the economy or watch as the U.S. goes the way of the British empire.

The U.S. kept the NHI and advanced tech a secret because it allowed the U.S. to maintain its reserve currency status and print money at their leisure. The potential loss of the U.S.’ “exorbitant privilege” as the reserve currency was enough to get both government and private industry to agree to keep the matter hush until the U.S. could no longer maintain its status.

EDIT: One thing I would like to emphasize is this: the **U.S.** in particular has a strong vested interest in avoiding the revelation of a non-petro based energy source given the current structure of its reserve currency status. This explains why countries like France have no problem releasing the COMETA report or why a lot of South American countries are open to discussing it – because it won’t throw their economies necessarily into a Great Depression. The U.S. has the most to lose by taking the world off a carbon fuel based system.

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