I have been deep diving into many many UAP-related interviews online, and one subject or motif that keeps coming up is the following:

egocentrism heliocentrism science vs hubris Galileo, and many other scientists with related fates (un)named contemporaries whose credibility is at stake

Maybe I’m totally off, but it’s rather obvious to me that a collective sat down and discussed this particular talking point before engaging the public in the discourse, but I’m not seeing it gain the attention, perhaps, that it properly deserves. So I’m interested in hearing people’s thoughts and discussions on this. FYI, I don’t think this is being brought up because some scientist is worried he/she will be put to death over disclosure… rather, it’s as if there are truly, deeply curious people in this world, and we’re all naturally this way as children… then we become these creatures who are dismissive of anything that seems remotely implausible. Is that what’s meant?

When you hear these things come up in UAP interviews, what is your initial thought or reaction to that?

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