Why so many UAP’s? Why here on Earth? How is Earth sufficiently unique to warrant all this interest?

My understanding is that Earth has an interesting history in that during formation there was a near miss with another orbiting body. They were close enough to exchange material if not actually collide. The remnants if the collision are the Earth and Moon we know today. The Moon is an exceptionally large fraction of Earths mass, they have exchanged material, this has caused a disruption in the material if Earths core, it may be quite different from other planets.

The Moon was much closer to us than now. Its gravitational tug is very strong which effects Earths very structure, less now than before. May years ago I read a paper on the effects of the Moons pull in Earth’s biologics. This was a long time ago but as I recall the gist was that the tidal pull encouraged life to form and then provided ways for it to advance. For example the tidal pools created a perfect place for aquatic creatures to adapt to air breathing. There were many more examples which I now forget.

PERHAPS, because of Earth’s unique history, life has developed differently here than elsewhere. Perhaps at a faster pace? Or perhaps in some other form than is typical elsewhere?

IF so this may provide some reason why we are being visited, we are different, odd in some way that makes us interesting for study.

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