Why has neither china nor russia come out to corroborate Grusch’s claims of NHI?

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Gursch has claimed that both countries have their own retrieval programs. This means that they have the ability to come out on top and make the official announcement to the rest of humanity. They could do so without even compromising their own progress on reverse engineering, revealing what crafts they have, or even what spieces they encountered. Revealing just the existance would look really bad for the USA and it’s allies.

So why have they not? Let’s look at the why they may have not (please feel free to comment any angles I might have missed or other explainations you have considered):

Many in their govs MIGHT NOT KNOW if they have a reverse engineering program like most of our government and it may cause them to do a few deep dives through their secret programs. This may churn up enough documentation that the usa could attain to have a covert peek into the structure of some of their secret weapons programs. Maybe it just wastes while they stall other plans to make sure that this is not evidence of just stupidly advanced tech the usa has been sitting on under the guise of aliens.

If they DO NOT have their own retrieval programs (and they know for certain they dont):

They could say that they actually do, just to stir the pot against the US and allies. That move would likely backfire, eventually, when their claims were realized to be untrue.

They could say they actually dont… but would be wondering if the usa does have a program and just thinks they do as well… In which case, they may be silent about the whole thing.

If they DO have their own programs (or even evidence from spy sats of NHI):

They could come out and be the first to tell the world and watch how angry the americans become with their own gov hiding and lying to them for so long.

Now the reasons why they would not want to disclose the info themselves (if they thought disclosure was coming soon anyway from the us gov) are the most interesting to think about.

-The most obvious reasons would be that they simply want to keep their own hand hidden until they need to reveal. Classic secret weapons stuff.

-The wildest plausible explaination (i have thought about), is that our govs are working in tandem to find a counter defense against extremely advanced NHI, while maintaining the appearance that they are still quarreling amongst themselves to throw off the observations of NHI’s that we are cooperating to build a world wide defense.

In closing, what other explainations are there for the silence from the rest of the world govs on this subject?

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