The term “Smoking Gun” is a reference to an object or fact that serves as conclusive evidence of a crime or similar act.

The “unexplained existence” of UFOs is a new kind of “Smoking Gun” it suggests there is an area of science that humanity either doesn’t fully understand or has not yet discovered.

This is because it is extremely statistically improbable that 100% of UFO sightings CAN BE explained through our current understanding of the universe. (I.e. Pentagon admits at least 140+ they can’t explain or whatever the current # is).

In other words, (and this is the important part) if any % above 0%, CANNOT be explained by current/known science, then we have a big problem with our current understanding of science.

This leads us to conclude that there is an equally high probability that our current understanding of the science of universe is incomplete.

This IS the evidence the world governments have been asking us to provide as they dismiss stories of Free Energy devices etc. as mere works of science fiction.

Keeping this in mind as a probable “Fact”, that we do not fully understand the science we have built our civilization on, the Pentagon should temporarily put on hold any “burden of proof” with respect to UFOs, and instead the Pentagon should shift its focus and energy to reevaluating and understanding science to the point that we’re able to explain these currently “unexplainable” phenomenon.

Otherwise, what the h@ll are we doing? I mean as a civilization, how stupid would it look from another civilizations perspective that we aren’t even aware that we have holes in foundational understandings? It would look like we’re just dry humping each other, which when you think about, is a big waste of everyone’s time isn’t it?

Thoughts? Ideas on how we can bring this to the Pentagon/White House?

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