Why I am not going crazy about aliens

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First to those who are jubilant or suffering from the cosmicism of all the on the record whistleblowers, I empathize. I’m here on this sub, I’m excited. Yet it’s not really a game changer.

Yet before I get in my main point I want to say these are not confirmed extraterrestrials. I’m still saying that they maybe something else. It maybe extradimensional, extrachronological or esoteric, in a string theory kinda way. NOT contemporary earthbound, the way that technology builds upon itself we would have seen their trash by now, and they would have probably used all the resources that we are using up right now.

With that out of the way, why is this not a game changer. Well, the main argument being from these whistle blowers that these other beings would a national security risk has just made me so god damn irate. If these beings were a security risk they would have done it long ago. Hell even if they were a risk there is nothing we could do about it. Even with their technology, which breaks all known ideas of physics, it’s going to take us humans centuries to fight back.

Now if they haven’t made any form of contact, which it doesn’t seem like these whistleblowers are saying, then you have to ask yourself why and those answers are horrifying.

They just don’t care about us. We are ants to them. You and I are nothing.

They’ve got their own shit to deal with and we should be more worried about what’s got them worried.

A prime directive thing or a nature preserve. Either which means it’s up to us still to socially and culturally climb a fuck load up that ladder; and we are still stuck with these arrogant and psychotic humans playing-with/destroying our world.

They are already in control. And wtf are you going to do about it, with all their technology and psychopathic mindsets and most likely bigoted views. Who do you think you are Batman, you’re not Batman. Nobody has done that many pushups.

So in conclusion, and TL;DR, even with this being on the record now, we are still, *relatively, nothing. I mean you could give me irrefutable prove god was real too and I would say the same thing. Welcome to cosmicism.

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