Why I don’t believe the new plane-abducted-by-ufo thermal video.

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Firstly, I find it rather suspicious that all the interesting stuff happens off-frame. All 3 UFOs appeared off-screen. For the first two, the camera panned away completely when the UFO arrived. The zoom-in at the end was off-screen, which I feel that automatic cameras shouldn’t do. It also feels rather hand-held, actual drone footage [Example] is rock-solid. Even take the Gimbal or FLIR UFO videos. Aircraft filmed from a plane. Stable. That is circumstantial though.

As I write this sentence I haven’t checked, but I suspect that planes don’t look like that under IR. Not enough heat coming from the engines. Am I really meant to belive that the end of the engine that literally uses fire to go forward is the same temerature as the belly of the plane?

[Checks footage of real plane]

Here is footage of an F-35 hovering. Clear jet of hot coming out the engine. Imperfect example though.

Here is footage of a 757 landing at London Gatwick Airport. Remember, planes land with either idle thrust, or close to it. You can see a clear jet of hot air coming from the engines. I would assume that if a plane is being chased by UFO, they’d be at max thrust. I heard somewhere, can’t remember where, that idle thrust is around 20% of max thrust. So if idle thrust is visible, max very much should be. But isn’t. Despite getting enough zoom to make out the door, we can’t see any heat from the exhaust.

Maybe that’s just a ground thing. 1 more example.

Here is footage of a plane in cruise. Airliners have roughly 80% thrust in cruise I think. And even on that rather over-exposed video, you can see that the back of the engine is lit up massively, heating up the bottom of the wing, and with clear spikes of heat sticking out behind it. Compare that to the video, and it’s just not there.

I also found this image from NASA showing a real plane under a thermal camera. Not the very large spikes of very hot directly behind the engine, that is absent on the plane in the video.

Now you could say “But what if the engines failed?”. And that would be a reasonable thought. Except that a) At the beginning, you can clearly see contrails, which only form when the engine is on, and b) the back of the engine is literally hot in the closeup. And it’s also not possible for a plane’s engine to throttle down that quickly.

So to sum up, that’s not how planes work. I’m calling BS.

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