Why I don’t think that plane is MH370

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Okay. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this today since I saw both videos this morning.

It’s unsure if the video that just just surfaced is real. On the satellite footage, the first unidentified object actually passes by the plane before dipping into some clouds and eventually rebounding to start circling the plane. It’s picked up on its re-approach in the thermal cam, but not its initial pass, which I find strange. I also noted, like I’m sure many others did, there’s no apparent secondary aircraft near the plane that disappears in the sat footage when realistically, we most likely would have seen it enter the frame if it was flying level and close enough to the plane to be in (what appears to be) its contrails.

On the other hand, with apparent military air exercises happening in the airspace, I don’t find it impossible that there would be a well hidden plane piloted by someone whose aim was to stay hidden, with the technology on board set to have captured the thermal cam footage (as I would assume its some sort of military aircraft.

Here’s what happened on the day MH370 went missing.

At 17:19:30 on the day MH370 disappeared, KL ACC contacted MH370 with instructions to contact Ho Chi Minh ACC. The plane passed its waypoint, and the captain replied, “Good night, Malaysian Three Seven Zero.”

1:43 later, at 17:21:13, the plane disappeared from the KL ACC radar, meaning the transponder was either switched off or stopped functioning in some way. The Malaysian Military continued to track the plane. Moments after transponder loss, the plane took that weird turn off its course, heading southwest.

At 17:30, HCM ACC attempts contact again, and gets brief mumbling and static in reply. A pretty popular theory about this (and the events listed prior) is that the pilot in command, whose wife had left him, decided to commit suicide and take the plane down with him; he was apparently just acting ‘unlike himself’ (for lack of better words) in the time before he took the controls for MH370. It’s been thought that the plane’s turn and resulting depressurization was a way to knock the passengers unconscious and kill them painlessly. The pilot was from Penang, one of the last places the plane went, and while I’m not really super familiar with the theory, I believe it’s been said he flew over his hometown before taking the plane down and ultimately killing himself.

Between 17:37 and 17:57, a few things happen:

The expected hourly ACARS (a reporting system) data isn’t sent through. The plane reaches the southern end of Penang, hometown of the pilot in command. The first officer’s cellphone registers with a cell tower on Penang. The plane continues, turning northwest.

I’m going to stop explaining the MH370 stuff here because it’s all I need to explain why I don’t think it’s MH370 in that video. MH370 was clearly being tracked consistently by the Malaysian military for a decent period of time; it’s at 18:22, almost a full hour after the loss of verbal communication, that the plane went missing from radar completely.

So how could it have vanished like that, suddenly warped out of existence, if it’s been tracked so consistently? Communications ceased but the plane was confirmed to be on a path that it didn’t move from as confirmed by supplementary data like the pinging of the cellphone, it didn’t speed up or jump from one spot to another rapidly or even really disappear at all until about an hour after its turn. Just a consistent, slow burn to death.

What do y’all think?

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