I was watching the recent podcast “That UFO Podcast” where Andy had (link below) Alex Dietrich discuss her encounter with the Tic-tac UFO. I was struck by what she said that this topic seems to only attract one type of “enthusiast”: the white male. The conversation quickly got side-tracked and I thought the topic of gender and race in UFOs is mostly what they ended-up talking about. Or at least that is what Alex wanted to discuss mostly. I was also struck by how unconcerned she was to know what these are even if that means never finding out before she dies. AND SHE ACTUALLY SAW A TI-TAC. I got the sense that just looking after her family was more important than going down the UFO rabbit hole. That to me is just confirming the cliched notion that (most) women place values of family above most things. Trying to walk on egg-shells here.

I can only count with one hand the females I know who have expressed a deep public interest in the subjet. Names such as Linda Moulton Howe or Cristina Gomez spring to mind. In terms of race, it is no better.

Why do you guys think that is?


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