Why is this happening now?

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With every passing day more and more people go from “Aliens!?! Impossible” to “meh, wouldn’t surprise me if the gov was covering up ufos”.

People don’t trust government anymore. The downfall of secrecy is due to this charade of a government. While they back engineered their craft, and worked hard to keep their secrets, the politicians they employed did everything imaginable to errode public trust. It’s been just a bunch of monkeys throwing insults at eachother while the world burns for too long now.

The people running these SAPs can fight disclosure tooth and nail but with every denial, half assed answer, and passed question, more and more everyday people believe. The ridicule is slowly backfiring. People are tired of being told what to believe.

I believe the reason this is coming out is because the non COSMIC intelligence agencies realized how close we came to a compromised government a few years ago. With Cambridge analytica, Facebook, and Russia they realized they needed to restructure their intelligence apparatus. I’m presuming it’s these agencies now pushing for investigations into the black projects, as they were stumbled upon with other corruption during their investigations. I’m sure the pedophile and his island was part of what they found (you know the one).

It’s hard to find proper verbiage to differentiate the regular old “Intelligence agencies” from the proper Star Trek shit that I believe some of these SAPs are. Basically, we have normal government, and it’s incredibly sophisticated intelligence apparatus VS what that same intelligence apparatus would be in a century of technological progress (you may say a thousand years, I say a hundred, don’t doubt the singularity babey).

The thing is, enough tech has trickled down to the rest humanity for us to really start catching up without further ‘discoveries’ from Black Budget programs being released through private industry. I believe AGI is around the corner, room temperature superconductors (which is an excellent example of using the emergent properties of specific atomic (energetic) alignments to create metamaterials with special properties) are here (maybe) and if that’s the case maybe we’re that much closer to electrogravitic generators. If you think I’m pulling that out of my ass I’m referring to the peer reviewded papers published by Ning L.i before her disappearance. If we keep going this way the secrecy will be the greatest threat in the event that another world power announces they got antigravity first.

Maybe that’s why they’re playing this “maybe we have it, maybe we don’t” game.

Maybe they’re baiting, see who shows their hand first.

Can definitely backfire if it’s some lab in China that creates the ‘first’ mass negation technology and force fields at the same time.

If we go off this logic, which they are obviously aware of, we must assume they have disclosure planned. I doubt it’ll be actual disclosure. It’ll be some lab with a COSMIC lvl scientist who “stumbles” upon the discovery, which will then be rapidly industrialized along with sudden advancements in AI.

They know it can’t be a secret forever because the tech will catch up eventually, and they know their adversaries are also working on it, so they must have a plan for technologically uplifting the rest of humanity in a way that they can maintain control over.

These guys likely had AI powered behavioral analysis and prediction software in the 80’s-90’s analogous to what is used by certain company’s today to sway elections in other countries. They’re playing 4D chess, maybe somewhat literally, so we mustn’t let them lull us into whatever game they have for us next by thinking we have the upper hand for even an instant.

We must not become the technoledged slave race Ariel school children were warned about.

To be honest, I think we’re on the right timeline now. I hope.

Edit: Clarified opinions with “I believe’s” and “maybe’s” but it’s still a hot take. What do you all think?

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