I understand baby steps. I understand it’s more of making Presence TO our Senators and Reps. Yall haven’t kicked me yet, despite some silly rants too.. I’m not crazy guys, just fed up.. so..

Why not more Disclosure? When this UAP thing lands and whether it’s “world changing” or Bunk; is that it? 🤔

Really look at it. If the DoD hid one thing under “x”, what else SHOULD we be concerned about? Is there more to disclose?

Our Govt is a big business. It’s so obvious at this point much of it is corrupt, so is the plan to “hang the hat” even IF the world is satisfied?

What else is under the rug(s) of (among) the world’s largest “corporations”??? One that WE the People fund??

Is it plausible to force disclosure of for example(s);

Public release of ALL Branch, Dept., Office, hell Platoon, etc..

— of ALL financial, data collection, IRS (specifically data returned to TAXEE), Military Black-Ops, Technology, and on-on-on-on-on- .. of any desired topic or related issue?? Each back to certain frame accordance with current concerns, etc..

You people are smarter than me. Is Disclosure thru with UAPs? Thought I kept this rather appropriate.

Thanks, Signed your friendly neighborhood paranoid dude.🙃😘😁

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