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There’s been a lot of speculation about why this is all happening now. Why not in the 50’s, if it’s true? Why not the 80’s, the 90’s? But left out of this discussion is an important story that we know came directly from people in a a position to know the truth. From some of the people who kicked off this most recent push for disclosure starting around 2015.

The story is fictionalized in the book Chasing Shadows by Tom Delonge/AJ Hartley.

This book was released in April 2016. And that’s significant, because it predates the DNC Wikileaks drop that happened later that same year. Here’s a good write-up.

We may not know much, but we do have direct verification of the people who Tom was around when he pitched this story to AJ Hartley. And they were just about the most serious people on the planet if the topic is the US govt/UFOs.

John Podesta, WH Chief of staff and HRC campaign manager.

Air Force General Neil McCasland

Ex-Navy Lockheed exec Rob Weiss

He likely had other direct, high-end sources but these two are mentioned in such detail in his books and interviews that it’s very clear who he was talking to.

After the Wikileaks outing of his sources Tom had a bit of a freakout. Keeping the source names out of it was the first rule. In subsequent interviews after the leak (Feb. and Oct 2017 interviews) Tom is far less forthcoming. He often says he can’t talk about things, can’t answer that etc. But he does talk about how much damage was done to the plan by Wikileaks releasing John Podesta’s emails.

Link to all Tom interview notes:

The change in tone Pre and post-Wikileaks is stark. So it goes to reason that this book, released before all of that happened, contains details from these men and others at their level. Details that he might have left out if they’d all known that he was going to have his sources outed.

So what does that fictionalized version of the story that they gave Tom tell us about the cover-up and why it could end? It tells us that there was a group of non-governmental entities who had access to reverse-engineered or borrowed nonhuman tech. Let’s call them The Baddies. This group of sprawling, multinational corporations operates what amounts to a small, highly-advanced military that moves across the whole planet protecting its interests. Central to those interests was keeping the secret of nonhuman tech on this planet. They used mercenaries, advanced craft, political power, blackmail, hacking and murder to maintain the secret. In the book they are Russia-affiliated but I think that’s likely just the pro-America spin from Tom’s US government-affiliated sources.

In either case The Baddies are the real muscle behind keeping the secret. There are US Intel/DoD secret-keeping structures, of course. And they’re effective. But when it comes to random people stumbling onto the phenomenon all over the world these people are the ones murdering, stealing, ridiculing, and otherwise removing any serious threat to secrecy. You see a ufo? They make sure you don’t get in the news. You take a photo of one? They release a set of manipulated versions of your photos and pump it up so that debunkers absolutely drag you for photos that you aren’t even releasing. You start getting taken seriously and saying UFOs are real? They blackmail you. They threaten your family. Your legacy. Whatever you care about. They abduct you and put you through a drug-hazed “alien” encounter that sounds so silly nobody will ever believe it. And if you tell anyone they make sure that embarrassing story gets out. They murder a Senator just for mentioning they exist, then take a dump on his legacy so nobody will ever take the dead man seriously. They hack a website where a real story gets posted and fill it with stories about bigfoot’s baby and alien probing. What I’m saying is The Baddies are like BAD. They’re the worst!

But the book Chasing Shadows is about a series of events that broke their back in terms of technology and money. A few of their leaders even die. Now the book isn’t true in any literal sense, but we know that it is a fictionalized version of the story they told Tom Delonge. And we know at least some of the people who told him those stories would be the people on Earth most likely to know any real story.

Today you see Tom and Lue and Mellon (and a bunch of the usual guys who always have an opinion) all occasionally speculating about why the secrecy may be pulling back a bit. Something big in 2027? Too many cameras running in too many remote locations? Private companies in space and circling the moon? The aliens are making them? Climate change coming to an irredeemable point? They’re all possible, I guess.

But none of them talk about this. From the very start, Tom told us a story about how the kinds of secret-keepers who kill/blackmail/lobby their way into stopping congressional interest on UFOs got their collective nuts stomped a few years ago, giving us a pathway to disclosure for the first time since probably the 50’s. And it’s weird that this isn’t at the top of everyone’s list.

TLDR: There was, until very recently, a collection of wealthy, immoral UFO secret-keepers with unlimited ability to operate all over the planet. They lost that ability before this all kicked off.

A note: If you’re a fan of scifi and haven’t read that book then you are genuinely missing out. AJ Hartley is a truly gifted author and an all-around great guy and this book delivers whether you believe or don’t believe anything about the origin of its outline.

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