Hello guys. First of all, excuse my English. I’m not from an English speaking country. I’m into Ufos since a few years. I watched so many series about it like the proof is out there or series like that. What bothers me is the fact that people ignore the sighting around the world. There’s many evidence that UFOs could be real. Now I’m a bit skeptical about the topic BUT what we have on earth, I mean technology that’s far beyond the technology we had 20 – 30 years ago which change exponential if you know that I mean.

That in mind, why is it just impossible for some people to accept the facts or at least take it seriously? I mean we don’t even know more than 5% or so (Just a guess, it’s around that percentage) of our own Oceans. Which means we only know 0,00000….1% of space. So how can they simply be THAT SURE?

Is this some special thing our brain simply can’t compare? Or is it like someone just change our reality in a way so that whole topic just doesn’t exist in people’s mind like brainwash?

I heard a lot about mind control by the CIA. I don’t want do discuss if mind control is real or not. I don’t know. But in fact the CIA did some experiments about mind control like mk ultra so I’m my eyes it could be something like that. But I still can’t know.

What do you guys think about that? I mean why can’t people just believe?

I just can’t imagine that it’s all fake. There’s so many evidence even in our past..

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