David Grusch has made multiple claims under oath that the DoD is covering up a UAP retrieval and reverse engineering program. He has given the names and locations of those involved with these programs to multiple government agencies with classified clearance. Seemingly in response his private medical records of having PTSD have been leaked to the media in a sloppy attempt at discrediting. But if we break down these facts, it confirms his claims rather than refuting them. Here’s why:

If Grusch fabricated his claims under oath then the DoD had a simple way to stop him. Have him charged with perjury. A far more damning public impact than announcing he had PTSD. If he was lying, submitting evidence of these lies to congress would be a trivial response to execute.

Intentionally leaking someone’s private medical issues is an illegal (or at minimum highly unethical) activity which makes no sense to engage in if Grusch was simply lying. Even if the leak was done by covertly leveraging someone inside the intelligence community who knew Grusch’s medical history, it’s an extreme response. Why commit an unethical smear campaign to attack a witness who is committing perjury about a subject which should be harmless? Harmless if no UAP program exists.

The Intercept implied they received the info from a sheriff’s department. While the documents were acquired from there, they did not explain how or why they specifically sought those documents. Grusch testified on July 26th. The FOIA request for the police report was officially filed within 96 hours of Grusch’s testimony at 2:30pm on July 30th. An incredibly rapid turnaround time for any journalist to become aware of such a critical document. source: https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/23903966/loudon-county-sheriff-request-redacted.pdf

Who knew about his PTSD medical history and would be motivated to lead a reporter to publicize this? The Intercept article specifically quotes a “former colleague” from the intelligence community that the 2014 PTSD incident was known to Grusch’s superiors. This means the reporter was speaking with someone connected enough in the intelligence community who had access, knowledge and top secret clearance to what the chain of command above Grusch knew:

“The former colleague said that the 2014 incident was known to Grusch’s superiors” source: https://theintercept.com/2023/08/09/ufo-david-grusch-clearance/

according to the police department where the records were kept, they didn’t tip off the journalist:

“Dave checked today because he assumed that the journalist had done his homework and just asked the local sheriff for the files. The sheriff has confirmed it did not come from him. The only other place that had this information is the intelligence community. (…) The intelligence community leaked it.” source: https://www.newsnationnow.com/cuomo-show/ufo-whistleblower-david-gruschs-health-records-leaked-coulthart/amp/

If no journalist had yet seen the file they were seeking the FOIA request on, how would they know where to look and what file to request? The entire publication of this information hinges on someone within the DoD, who knew Grusch’s medical status, reaching out to a reporter to guide them to this document.

Though it could be possible to legally obtain these records through FOIA, it is unlikely to a journalist knew and was motivated to find this record without guidance from inside the intelligence services. What would be the motivation for seeking and publishing this, since the intelligence community was well aware of the PTSD issues already? Intelligence officials did not deem his PTSD to be any obstacle to confirming Grusch’s top secret security clearances. So what motives explain a media outlet seeking out and publishing his private medical history? None seem logical except a clumsy attempt to discredit him because they can’t dispute his factual claims.

Grusch accused agents within the DoD of committing illegal activities to keep the program secret. This leak demonstrates exactly the kind of reprisals, public smear tactic, and malicious intimidation he reported to the U.S. Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General in 2022.

Grusch pre-disclosed his PTSD in his interview to NewsNation, showing he anticipated this type of reprisal. The fact the powerful people behind the program decided to proceed with this illegal public smear attack virtually proves he was correct in his assessments of them.

The facts support the claim the DoD have a UAP retrieval program. That they have gone to illegal lengths to keep it secret. And that’s no moral or ethical boundary they’re unwilling to violate to hold onto their power and secrecy.

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