I refuse to rule out the theory that these UFO’s are in fact ET craft. I also refuse to rule out any of the other theories of what they are. I’ll leave it open until it’s proven to me what it really is. But I do have conflict with myself when it comes to putting a lot of faith in the possibility that there are ET’s visiting Earth in their spaceships. It’d be swell if anyone can help me rationalize the following, or just give me your two cents. This isn’t meant as a debate between me and you all. I’m not here to debate, only ask for opinions and questions. Here are my problems: I feel like our space satellites would catch more of them, like way more of them. Especially if they’re coming and going all day, every day. Also, the fact that all over the world at any given moment there are between 8,000 and 13,000 airplanes in the sky and there are no problems with collisions in the air. It is cool to think that the ET’s have a special air traffic control base hidden here on Earth that somehow taps into our air traffic control, allowing them to maneuver around all of the world’s aircraft, but that’s a bit far fetched for me. Lastly, just in general, I feel like we would all know if there were aliens here from other planets. I mean we’d know for certain because the proof would’ve come a long time ago. By proof I mean something like countless of candid photos of aliens, or a close up video of one of their spaceships flying and stationary on the ground….photos and videos that aren’t taken using a potato. Again, I don’t have an opinion on what these UFO’s are and to whom they belong. I’m open minded on all of it. Just want some enlightenment from peers in the UFO sub, and maybe learn some cool stuff. Thanks guys!

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