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Hi all, I utilized generative AI to write this template that you can use to write your congressional representative. Feel free to edit it as you please but I figured since there has been so much hubbub on how we can push for disclosure this may be the greatest thing we can do at this time.

I urge you all to write this in paper and mail it to your representative, it will force someone to read it. I will be doing the same.

Resources to contact your district’s congressional representative: Find Your Representative

Letter in support of UAP disclosure

Dear [insert Senator Name here],

I am writing you as a politically active member of your voting base. After the most recent congressional UAP hearings, it has come to my attention that there is an urgent need for us to look into this issue as a country. The topic of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) has gained significant attention in recent years, with numerous credible sightings and encounters reported by military personnel, pilots, and civilians worldwide. These sightings involve objects that exhibit flight characteristics beyond the capabilities of known human-made aircraft and raise important questions about national security, technological advancements, and potential extraterrestrial intelligence.

As a concerned citizen, I believe it is crucial for our government to take a proactive approach in investigating and disclosing information regarding UAP. The lack of transparency surrounding these incidents not only undermines public trust but also hinders scientific progress and our understanding of the universe. By actively engaging in the study of UAP, we can potentially uncover groundbreaking discoveries that could revolutionize our understanding of physics, propulsion systems, and the existence of advanced civilizations beyond Earth.

Furthermore, addressing the UAP issue is not solely a matter of scientific curiosity but also a national security imperative. The ability of unidentified objects to penetrate restricted airspace without detection raises concerns about potential threats to our military installations, critical infrastructure, and the safety of our citizens. It is essential for our government to allocate resources towards investigating these incidents thoroughly, collaborating with intelligence agencies, and implementing robust monitoring systems to ensure the protection of our national interests.

In light of these considerations, I urge you, Senator [insert Senator Name here], to support initiatives that promote comprehensive UAP research, data collection, and information sharing. I will keep this issue in mind in the coming election cycle and will support candidates who prioritize these issues.

It is crucial that we address this issue with the seriousness and attention it deserves for the benefit of our national security, scientific progress, and the public’s trust in our government. Together, we can work towards a more transparent and informed approach to understanding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

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