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A post is about to hit the top of the sub, that claims the following quote is proof that the government “solved” MH370.

OP, who I don’t want to harass, said the following:

Article is saying that intelligence community knows what happened to the MH370 thanks to the “data” they got from sbirs. Trumpet 4 (or NROL 22) carried the first SBIRS-HEO-1 early warning package.

According to this article they know what happened to the MH370 since OCTOBER 2015, maybe even earlier, March 12, 2014??. And they didnt say shit to world, dont forget underwater search for the plane continued until june 2018,

Now this is the quote in question

“This is the art of what we do,” says Col. Mike Jackson, 460th operations group commander at Buckely. Officials at the 460th Space Wing also confirmed Sbirs provided technical data to the intelligence community to help solve the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370), which disappeared over the Indian Ocean in March 2014.

What the above says is not that they know what happened to the flight. They are saying they gave data to help the investigation.

If we can’t actually read quotes, how are we going to do good data analysis on a video?

That post is gilded.

Edit: So far the discussion on this post is a month old account accusing a week old account of being a disinfo agent for agreeing with me, but refusing to talk about the substance of my post, so we are off to a good start.

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