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Oh look, the all mighty and powerful Pentagon is tipping off and leaking information to a journalist from the obscure blog The Intercept. Wow, AARO, the DOD and the Pentagon have said that there is no evidence that what David Grusch has said is true. Surely, they have provided evidence to refute Grusch’s claims to congress right? Evidently, they have real verifiable documents contradicting this “crazy” whistleblower who claims that the military and the government have recovered NHI bodies and craft. I mean, it’s easy to show that David Grusch is a liar and a nobody. Right guys? Right Pentagon?

So, if it’s so easy to contradict and say that David Grusch is a liar and he is crazy, why haven’t the Pentagon, the DOD or AARO and its good for nothing director, Kirpatrick, shown any real evidence to show that in fact Grusch is lying? Why would they leak or tip someone off about the whistleblowers’ past mental health issues? Don’t the US and the military always cry about being proud of our military veterans and how we should be thankful for their service? Yet here they are, discrediting one of their best. Somebody that has the highest clearances there are and somebody that is beyond reproach and that nobody has said anything bad about him.

Why would the Pentagon and this Intercept guy want to attack David Grusch? One the United States best? Oh, you know why. Don’t play stupid. The only reason is because he is telling the truth and the people behind the secrets are scared, peeing their pants and trying to find any reason to discredit him. These people have been lying for so long and they thought they could keep hiding all of this from us. Well, guess what, you thought wrong. WE aren’t going anywhere. WE aren’t forgetting. WE are the masses and WE want answers. Your time is up. You won’t win.

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