I was chilled when a couple of weeks ago I found out about the cases of Frederick Valentich (1978) and Jose Santos Pagan (1980). These two cases are well documented with multiple witnesses. In both cases the small planes just vanished.

But then I just found an ar/UFOs thread that discusses two cases in Jacques Vallée’s book Confrontations. In Confrontations, Dr Vallée mentions two cases(Michigan, Lake Superior 1953 and another off the coast of Japan in 1959) in which both US fighter planes were dispatched to intercept a UFO and subsequently disappeared. Searches of the areas never found any trace of the UFO or the planes.

There are probably more cases somewhere but I think it’s very important to establish that there *IS* a precedent for this kind of activity by NHI. I doubt they have ever taken an aircraftt the size of a Boeing 777 before so that would certainly be a first.

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