A somber hypothesis: UFOs are the “real” hoax

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Multiple leaks from multiple sources says quantum / zero point energy and “anti-gravity” was first invented in the 1930s or 40s, it would have been of critical importance to keep these technologies secret to avoid a global economic meltdown related to fossil fuels and its tight relationship to the dollar that gave the US unparalleled, financial security, influence and power internationally. Further, it would have caused a rapid uncontrollable and potentially loosing arms race against the USSR before the nuclear arms race had started. The secrecy was required in 1940-55 to ensure our freedom from communist attack. The other main military reason for secrecy was to allow the current regime of fossil fuel based technologies piston engines, jets, to remain in place and in secret develop, weaponize “new” technologies (quantum energy and anti-gravity) as an ace in the sleve in case of a future serious attack on the US.

These technologies required EXTREME secrecy, far beyond the level of the Manhattan project, extraordinary cover was required, unfortunately for us, assisting the secrecy was the much smaller physical scale and complexity of the technology and it became practically much easier to manage as no large number of scientists, engineers or advanced factories were required.

As test flights were conducted, the public sometimes saw these new crafts in the sky and to them they looked so incredibly strange and unusual that people quickly concluded they must have been from out of this world: Extra terrestrial visitors, and soon everybody talked about “flying saucers”, UFOs and ETs. In an ironic twist the cover story created itself, and it was perfect. The Roswell crash was an early manmade saucer that lost control and became the genesis for the secrecy we endure to this day. This is when the fuck up happened. This is when they should have told the truth. Control over the program itself were over the next decade stolen from elected officials as well as career military & intelligence like James Forrester. Through intimidation clear messages were sent: James Forrestal 1949 and UFO flyovers in 1952 cemented their total dominance over the US government. It was complete.

If you have a cover story based on something actually does not exist as you fooled the public to belive, nobody will ever find the smoking gun any physical proof. Add some ridicule and stigma and you’re golden; nobody is even going to start looking, and those that do: ridicule, harass, threaten, “take care of”. Anyone else inventing the similar tech were equally silenced, payed off, or had unfortunate accidents, suicides. They simply adopted an already existing phenomena that some people experienced and used it as a cover for their own technological and political pursuits.

As the cold war progressed, the secrecy evolved and still do. The original purpose for secrecy became less obvious and new goals came into focus. If you have near total power over the most awesome technology ever created and nobody can see what you use if for, you dont have to hang around long to see some dark, dark ideas become reality. Power corrupts and total power corrupts totally, not even an act of God can disclose the nature of the program today. This ace in the sleve will not serve to save the US against enemy attacks but instead be used for an upcoming false flag alien invasion to scare the global public into a perpetual state of fear of an alien invasion and secure the owners of the secrets a perpetual stream of tax dollars and power over the world: “If you dont do as we demand, we can’t guarantee your safety” from the aggressive “aliens”

Their poisonous influences has leaked into society in many ways over the last 60 years, the most prominent are: Controlling the public using financial pressure like inflation and lowering of wages because a poor and busy population is far easier to control than one that is resourceful. Politically by polarizing politics around American heirloom fears: racism, isolationist tendencies, socialism, religion etc. It is much easier to implement policies that are detrimental to the population when they cant agree to fight it. The last one is actually quite interesting: an unintended consequence that stems from the original sin of keeping the energy tech secret: climate change. This unplanned problem may be what will ultimately unravel the whole secret.

Most likely, the UFOs that has been reported since the mid 1940s are 99.9% are man-made. The rest are inter-dimensional orbs and visions people experience naturally. Yes, CE5 is real, if you can do it, but what people actually report 99.9% of the time are man-made UFOs.

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