Hello, it’s a shame John passed away just before all this is going public, he’d have loved to see it. John was a great friend and mentor to me for about 15 years before he passed. I’d go and sit with him and spend all day talking and going over photos, etc. John had the most epic life even before the uto stuff. He’s still the only person to receive all 22 FAA certifications! We talked about a lot of things beyond UFOs. The moon was a big one for both of us too.

John was always repeating information he had learned, many times he’d then learn new information that contradicted what he had previously learned, and he would let this new information change his opinion. So if you go back really far in his interviews, you’ll hear him say things that maybe he didn’t believe himself at the end of his life.

John had A LOT of sources for info. General Doolittle confirmed that Majestic 12 was real. But at the end, his source was Lou Baldin. And after all the years I’ve looked into this, Lou seems to be the only one telling the real truth.

That is your true disclosure my friends, Lou’s info. His books, his old forum posts. Things Lou said 10-15 years ago are now being proven by science.

John’s real message is this: Learn to live with Integrity, and without envy, hate, or greed. Then you get to graduate this earth level existence and you’ll get your own UFO and much more.

They aren’t aliens from another planet, it’s more like higher level souls tending to their flock.

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