I was on a redeye flight from Anchorage to Chicago with United (Flight number UA531) in the early morning of July 17th. It was extremely dark over the mountains (about 100 miles from Juneau), no light at all. It looked like this or darker the whole flight and the sky was very clear.

At some point I noticed a super bright orange “star” several thousand feet behind the plane and didn’t think much of it until I watched it slowly overtake the plane in the same direction and then once it was several thousand feet in front of us, it just disappeared. It also looked to be 3-5,000 ft above the plane in altitude. I wanted to speak to the pilots once we landed because they almost certainly saw this thing (you couldn’t miss it) but I didn’t want them to think I was crazy and I was tired.

I tried to take a video of it and you can see the ball of light in the upper middle for the first 5 seconds, but the video sucks because my phone would lose focus through the plane window. It was also much brighter to my eyes than the camera. Ignore the red flashing, that’s just reflections.

This is the exact location where we were when I saw it.

I then saw another orange star UAP just appear and approach from the right and come right toward us perpendicularly and at that point and I got a very uneasy feeling. The pilots likely saw this as well.

Maybe an hour later, I saw a stationary ball of light very far in the distance and it looked to have other small lights circling the main one and coming from below if that makes sense in a circular pattern? While I was watching this in amazement I saw this flash of blue light almost like something took off from below at warp speed and went upward. I literally gasped and looked around and everyone was asleep. I almost have a hard time believing I saw this but I did. It was surreal.

If there’s someone who can speak to the pilots on that flight they will almost certainly be able to confirm the “star” that passed the plane. It was quite close and unmistakable.

I looked but there’s nowhere to report this so I thought I would just write it here in hopes a reporter or someone could contact the pilots if possible. I’m just a small business owner. I’m not making this up. I haven’t told anyone else except my wife. Thanks for reading.

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