This tribe claims that a ship landed and beings tried to escape with a young woman, the tribe responded by shooting them an AK, apparently the bullets knocked them down and they got back up and escaped.?!?!?! Also there is another video from 2 days ago of a craft, clear as day hovering above a beach with hundreds of people looking up, and it shines a beam down into the crown and you can hear screams, literally out of war of the worlds, shit is getting really creepy really fast.

Videos of woman and tribe attacking aliens.

I’ll post link to other video here once I find it

New update video:

Support Rony Vernet he is on his way as we speak to investigate at it is happening right now in another town in Peru. The link below is his tweet regarding his trip and the purpose and asking for help.

A comment that can provide some insight user Comment:

readoldbooks · 1 hr. ago I didn’t see anything. I also asked my girlfriend who is a native Spanish speaker to give me her opinion of several news clips and of several clips of the alleged victims. She believes that something is happening to the people. And they claim it’s been happening nightly since July 11th. Based on what the people describe, it’s my understanding that these are 6-7 foot tall beings, who are either green in skin tone, and wearing full body armor suits and riding platforms that levitate several feet off the ground (like the Green Goblin from spider man.) One man claims to have shot at the beings, striking one of them twice, and either 1) the being fell and got up or 2) the bullets hit the being and fell. It’s hard to translate exactly. Some sources are saying the military is involved while according to my GF it sounds more like the alleged victims are asking for military help (meaning there is no military presence at the time of the news report). The locals state that people are having their faces removed and use a term in the local language that closely relates to face-peelers. And the video shows one woman who was the victim of an attack- in which she was apparently grabbed from behind and a white weapon was used to cut her throat. But no video we found actually shows her throat or any injuries, just a woman who appears to be unconscious. Not that I really want to see it, but no images of face peeled victims have shown up yet, and the videos of the “fights” could be nothing or anything. No videos of any alien beings or their craft have been released. Which I find strange considering they have been dealing with this for over 3 straight weeks. I don’t know what the land ownership situation is in this exact area of Peru, but I’d like to know more about any land rights for logging or otherwise corporate controlled interests. It sounds ver spooky and very “Predator” esque. But I think it could also be scare tactics to get people out of their indigenous land. Again, my girlfriend who is from a very rural type area in Latin America had another good point which is that the local population may not even have the words to accurately describe what they are seeing, making it hard to convey, translate, rationalize, and report on.

Here is the video of Iran supposedly firing at an unknown object. I have seen in the comments that it was a flare and exercise on the contrary many others have brought up it seems to be over some kind of silos or populated area of some sort, and that wouldn’t be safe… would it?

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