Has anyone read the account by USAF / NSA whistleblower Dan Sherman ?

He makes some remarkable claims, and I’m still digesting and deciding for myself.

But something he wrote stood out to me as it relates to today’s climate of (non)disclosure.

I’m paraphrasing, but his experience suggests that any type of UAP / NHI – related programs are NOT going to be found under ‘BLACK PROJECTS’ as is commonly assumed.

Even if Congress were to pierce the veil of secrecy, they won’t find anything strange (accounting-wise) or anything non-terrestrial under these black projects, which will always be legitimate, but highly-classified human-related programs.

But under the umbrella of certain black projects and within the compartmentalized nature of such programs will be ‘GREY PROJECTS’, which do deal with UAP / NHI – related programs.

That’s how funding for these programs escape Congressional oversight.

The leaked NSA slides published by The Intercept on October 10, 2014 seem to lend credence to this:


edit: missing file re-uploaded


It’s also been suggested Project Preserve Destiny (PPD) which Sherman claims he was part of from 1991 – 1994 was likely under:

Sentry Eagle > (black) Sentry Osprey > (grey) Project Preserve Destiny

I won’t go into details about his role in Project Preserve Destiny (you can read and decide for yourself).

Needless to say, if true, it’s a rather startling revelation.

So in an effort to push for more government transparency rather than alien narratives, if anyone has any knowledge about this… DOES THIS RING TRUE ? OR IS IT BOGUS ?

TL;DR UAP / NHI – related programs won’t be found under ‘BLACK PROJECTS’, which will be legitimate but classified human-related programs. These usually serve as cover for compartmentalized ‘GREY PROJECTS’ dealing with UAP / NHI – related programs.

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