After two months of researching this topic on my own, I came to the realization that it is true. I can never go back at this point

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After I watched the David Grush interview, I was hyped but still very skeptical. I thought he probably mistook something for UFO stuff and so on, especially because he was a secondhand witness. At that point, I didn’t know anything about UFO lore. I didn’t even know who Lear or Lazar were, or any of the major figures. However, as a child, I had some weird “experiences” that I could never explain to myself. I always thought it was jinns, demons, or something supernatural, and some of it was just dreams combined with my imagination. I won’t delve into the details, but it drove me to research this topic on my own, partly because it’s a significant issue. I thought, if this guy is legit, then this changes everything.

I can’t believe that all of this was right before my eyes the entire time. After the Grush interview, I consumed basically everything related to UFO lore: documentaries, podcasts, documents, interviews, and so on. I researched some of the most credible incidents, pictures, and videos on my own.

How can anyone who really puts the time and effort into researching this topic with a straight face say it’s not true? The evidence is overwhelming, and it has always been there. Not only am I shocked that my entire life and what I perceived as reality were basically lies, but also how much the governments of the world invested in keeping it secret. Even more shocking is how they were able to maintain that secrecy. It’s borderline scary and demonstrates how a small group of people with enough resources and authority can deceive billions of humans. It’s unreal. Democracy was always a facade and just a control mechanism. We, as humans, need to change. I’m also shocked at how scientists have not grasped it and still don’t. Apparently, our brightest minds can’t accept that something is real, something that we, at least in this sub, know to be a fact. This reveals that we humans are still quite primitive. We believe we’re intelligent because we can burn fossils, use electricity, and combine all that with math and algebra to drive, fly, and communicate. But when I see how some scientists outright reject this, it shows we’re not that intelligent. And after real disclosure occurs, many people should be embarrassed.

We’ve reached a point where some humans behave like literal NPCs. What evidence is still missing? Do we really need the government to come out and admit it? I can’t fathom people who can’t think for themselves. I’ve seen this from YouTubers, scientists, and people I’ve followed for years, making strange assumptions that don’t make any sense just to debunk the topic. This highlights the extent of narcissism our species suffers from. It also shows how many humans can’t control their emotions. Of course, we witness this daily with fights, arguments, and so on. But in this case, we’re talking about scientists confronting humanity’s most significant question, and they simply reject it. What about the saying “facts don’t care about your emotions”? Why are they making assumptions with the premise that all NHI (Non-Human Intelligence) beings have the same emotions and intelligence as humans? It drives me crazy and, in some cases, sickens me due to the narcissism. ”If they would be here they would do this and that and they would not do this and that”. How tf would they know that.

After I realized that what I’m witnessing is indeed real, I also questioned why ALL governments are hiding it. I don’t believe that only the US (and its allies), China, and Russia know about this. What about South America, Africa, and the Middle East? After reading many hypotheses out there, I’ve come to the conclusion that the secret being kept must be dark. Dark enough that all governments, despite their differences, still agree to keep it hidden. I believe they know about abductions and may be unable to prevent them. Maybe even the Eisenhower deal is real; who knows? Maybe they also walk among us. If all that is true, at least I can understand why they lie to us. The Zoo hypothesis makes a lot of sense. But even if it’s true, I want to know. Even if the Zoo hypothesis is accurate and they abduct us as we would animals in the wild and then return us, they wouldn’t let us see them or their technology and leave their gravity propulsion tech here if they didn’t want us to comprehend it. Maybe if 8 billion humans examine it, we can figure it out, maybe not. But we should at least try. Despite their intentions.

I can handle the truth. We all can handle the truth. And we have a right for it. Even if that would be our demise.

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