The documentary mainly emphasizes how impossible and unprecedented it is to lose a commercial airliner. It’s flight path was created using pings with a British satellite called Inmarsat. After watching the documentary, it’s clear that there is definite foul play involved, and I think it’s explainable (to some degree) by looking at it through an NHI lens involving teleportation.

At 1AM, MH370 is flying over the South China Sea, and is about to switch controllers. In this process, the airplane enters a “grey zone” where flight controllers aren’t paying attention to it. It’s at this time that all communication on the airliner are shut down.

This is important because it’s communication with Inmarsat can only be manually shut down and turned on through the electronics bay located in the first class cabin, under a carpet. Pilots are not trained in knowing how to shut down Inmarsat. Inmarsat is then turned back on. Why would it have been turned back on, and who could’ve turned it off?

*UAPs encounters with aircraft regularly consist of the UAP messing with electronics, and even turning off military targeting systems.

After ground radar loses the plane, Inmarsat pings it for 6 hours after its initial loss in communication. During these 6 hours, it flies over the airspace of 6 different countries, including an Australian airbase call Buttersworth. How could it have possibly been lost? Surely a military base would have attempted to intercept it in some way.

Not only that, the US was conducting two major military exercises in the South China Sea, and had two AWACS deployed in the area. These AWACS act like mini satellites, and can track anything in a 600km radius, perfectly.

Radar data showing altitude readings show massive fluctuations and are amazingly shown in this users post:

The altitude data shows that the airliner made climbs that exceeded its own ceiling by thousands of feet, as the OP states.

Next I wanted to go over the debris. A piece from a 777s flap was found on Reunion Island. A source from the investigation team of the flap says that the identification plate was missing. This plate is supposed to withstand extreme pressure, and it is only removed when a plane is being dismantled. Investigators then locate 12 serial numbers located on the flap and attempt to confirm them. Only one comes back as positive.

Blaine Gibson. This man has single-handedly found all debris of the supposed MH370 that we have today (minus the flap). He says oceanographers told him to go to Mozambique to find debris. A guy took him to a sandbank(that’s how he himself describes it). 20 minutes after walking he finds a giant white triangle floating on the water that says “NO STEP”. Oceanographers then told him to go to Madagascar. He finds 20 pieces of MH370. A single man talks to “oceanographers”, walks a beach for an hour, and does what the resources of the US, UK, and Australian governments weren’t able to do, 16 months after the plane disappeared.

I want to make a note of disinformation. Disinformation is not the video of UAPs teleporting an airliner. Disinformation is convincing the public that one of Malaysias best career pilots was suicidal. By all accounts that knew him, including Malaysia Airline representatives, he was not capable of this. Also, why engage in a murder suicide for 6 hours? Doesn’t make sense.

So in conclusion:

an airliner simultaneously has all of its communication shut down, including satellite, re-appears, climbs and dives at impossible altitudes,flies over the airspace of 6 countries, including 2 US military exercises, and an Australian air base

and no one knows what happened.

Then you have debris that is missing identification numbers and serial codes that don’t match. You have a disinformation campaign that targets the pilot, making him seem like a suicidal pervert that planned this all out.

Finally, the most concrete data, coming from Inmarsat, is partnered with and works with the US military. There is a clear cover up in play here, not just a simple story of a suicidal pilot.

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