Something that really bothered me about the “Airliner Satellite Video” was the fact that it seemed to show a screen recording of someone navigating a view of a much larger area of the sky. The partly cropped coordinates seemed to also be accurate and followed the movement of the person moving the view. If this is a complete hoax, someone had to code or write a script for this satellite image viewer to respond in a very accurate way. In any case, it seemed obvious to me that the original footage is a much larger image than what we are seeing on the video. This led me to create this “unwrapping” of the satellite video footage.

The “unwrapped” satellite perspective. Reddit probably destroys a lot of the detail after uploading, you can find full resolution .png image sequence from the links below.

YouTube link. YouTube also compresses the video since it is a strange resolution, but you should at least be able to see a 4k version. I will provide an link here for the full resolution image sequence and various video formats. It’s taking some time to upload and process so check back later. I’ll edit this post once the files are available.

I used TouchDesigner to create a canvas that unwraps the complete background of the different sections of the original video where the frame is not moving around. The top-right corner shows the original footage with some additional information. The coordinates are my best guess of reading the partially cropped numbers for each sequence.

sequence lat lon 1 8.834301 93.19492 2 undefined undefined 3 8.828827 93.19593 4 8.825964 93.199423 5 8.824041 93.204785 6 8.824447 93.208753 7 undefined undefined 8 8.823368 93.221609

Each sequence is a segment of the original video where the screen is not being moved around. The parts where the screen is moving are not used in the composite. Processing those frames would be able to provide a little bit more detail of the clouds. I might do this at some point. I’m pretty confident that the stitching of the image is accurate down to a pixel or two. Except for the transition between sequences 4 and 5. There were not so many good reference points between those and they might be misaligned by several pixels. This could be double checked and improved if I had more time.


Why are there ghost planes? In the beginning you see the first frame of each sequence. As each sequence plays through, it will freeze at the last frame of each of them. This should not be used to estimate the movement of the clouds, only the pixels in the active sequence are moving. Everything else is static. The blending mode I have used might have also removed some of the details of the cloud movement. I’m pretty sure this also settles the question of there possibly being a hidden minus in front of the 8 in the coordinates. The only way the path of the coordinates makes sense is if they are in the northern hemisphere and the satellite view is looking at it from somewhere between south and southeast. So no hidden minus character. I’m not smart enough to figure out any other details to verify if any of this makes sense as far as the scale, flight speed etc. is concerned

Frame 1: the first frame

Frame 1311: one frame before the portal

Frame 1312: the portal

Frame 1641: the last frame

The path of the coordinates matches the panning of the satellite view.

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