Do you really think that a civilization that has evolved thousands or more years ahead of us could introduce themselves and get us even remotely up to speed in the span of 100 years (many here seem focused on 1933 as the ‘start’ of things)?

Who do you think Jesus was? Even now, many people are only capable of seeing him as the son of a vaguely defined God. An increasing number of us, though, are beginning to understand that ‘God’, and all related machinations, are a symbolic placeholder for the many things that we’re yet incapable of understanding. It’s a kind of pressure relief valve.

There’s currently a debate over whether aliens are from other planets, other times, or both. What will it take for everyone to focus on the fact that none of these concepts are valid in the context of what we refer to as multidimensional beings?

Science was given as a gift to help us prepare for the next step. It’s not an end to itself, however. We’re at the threshold of taking an important next step. It’s going to be chaotic. Communication is already breaking down and this phenomenon is accelerating exponentially. It’s all okay, though.

What never really lived, can never really die. I’ll see you, all of you, on the other side, my friends.

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