I accidentally came across this link to a FOIA released document from the CIA. The CIA document mentions a story as reported by a newspaper “Ternopil Vichirniy,” in which the newspaper claims that the CIA allegedly received a 250-page KGB report. The alleged KGB report supposedly reveals how the Soviets shot a UFO down, and then when they investigated the crash site, five gray aliens came out of the craft, merged together and became an orb, and then the orb petrified 23 Soviet soldiers and turned them into stone.

There doesn’t seem to be much evidence here to support the UFO story, and this is many, many layers of hearsay coming from multiple tabloid newspapers. My guess is one of two things: 1. The CIA just reports on any instance they can find where their own agency is named, or 2. The CIA actually did obtain the 250-page KGB report which discusses the UFO incident, and is keeping tabs on who/what is aware of their retrieval of the report. My honest belief is closer to the former, and I personally don’t think that this document provides any evidence to substantiate the existence of UFOs. But it was a cool document to stumble upon, nonetheless!

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