For whoever saw it while it was up, I posted that I have access to Podesta’s emails that leaked back in 2016. Within them is a treasure trove of information that would be helpful to the community, so it’s in all of our best interest to find out a way to share and discuss the content of these emails.

It seems like we CAN talk about and post screenshots and copies as long as we remove or blur out any information that can be used to contact anyone from those emails. I believe this just means phone numbers, email addresses, and URLs. Public figures can be exempt from this rule, but it’s a gray area on who is a public figure and who isn’t.

The problem is, how can I share the bulk of emails with everyone? Is it okay to share a downloadable link or torrent to the emails as long as nobody in this forum publicly posts any of the personal contact information? I obviously don’t want to be banned from Reddit. Your advice is appreciated.

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