I was reading the post about CIA pilot John Lear and decided to poke around further. The location described by Lear as cited in the article is “Latitude 38 degrees 37 minutes 40 seconds North, Longitude 113 degrees 40 minutes 40 seconds West.” Translated into the typical format, this is 38°37’40”, -113°40’40”. You can open it in Google Earth with this link: https://earth.app.goo.gl/VduUDA. The first photo is of the satellite view.

There’s not much to see there, but five miles to the Southwest is a government facility called the “Desert Research Experimental Station” or “Desert Experimental Range”. I want to point out that I’m not the first redditor to make this connection; but I wanted to see if I could add anything or condense it. This is at 38°35’32”, -113°44’58”. Here is a Google Earth link for the facility: https://earth.app.goo.gl/wN8GWv

The USDA Forest Service government website had a page for the station, but it no longer exists. I found an early copy from 2007 using the Wayback Machine. That’s the second, third, and fourth photo. The fifth is a satellite image of the station.

Next are three photos of the area posted to the location’s Google Earth entry by Google user swilsonmc. And the final photo is courtesy of user DAA at expeditionutah.com.

Personally, I don’t want to make any claims myself. It all really could be nothing. I do want to say that the concrete building with “The Big Kahuna” painted on it makes my imagination run wild. In reality, it’s a shack. Given that it’s vented and cables appear to be running out the back, the Big Kahuna is or was more likely a diesel generator. But I like to pretend it’s a stairway or elevator shaft to a five-mile tunnel, and that’s their nickname for the UFO.

The picture with the house looks like it could be a fake old house, even though it’s likely a real old house. The station has been in operation since 1933 – old enough to be a real old house, and 20 years before the alleged UFO crash. In fact, the station was established by the Hoover administration; and UFology generally points to FDR’s administration as the beginning of the American UFO coverup.

Kindly, save your “old news” and “debunked” remarks. I’ve heard them before and there’s no reason it should mean anything to me. I just hope somebody finds this interesting.

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