“A UFO so large they had to build around/on top of it”

Ross Coulthart has made this claim in the past. Surely if this is true revealing the location is not going to put a source at risk, there must be a multitude of people who know about it. Ross (IIRC on the Schumer episode of his podcast), along with others, has also suggested there may be a time factor regarding disclosure. Surely at some point this must take precedence over National Security of the US. Is this about reality or is it about selling books?

There are so many others making claims whilst making money, they talk right up until the point of actually revealing something and then stop in their tracks. Is it all for clicks/documentaries/podcast ad revenue? It’s to the point where I’m doubting if any of these people actually know anything tangible.

For 8+ decades now there have been high rank military officials speak about the existence of UFO/UAP/Aliens yet maybe only one of them has managed to produce a single shred of tangible evidence.

I fully understand protecting sources and wanting to protect national security. If the amount of claims people have made over the years, even over the last decade are remotely true, there must be some way to present evidence without putting sources/national security at risk.

As per the quote above, if there is a UFO so large that a building has been built around it, logically this has to be unique – the authority on this must know Coulton knows about their building so if there was a source issue they would already know about it.

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