Another clue to help either confirm or debunk this thing? Found an old version of the MH370 video from an alternate source

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I know, another MH370 post. But before we begin, some things to know:

– I have not taken a side on this, but I do find it interesting, and I’d like to see if reddit can get to the bottom of this.

– I’m posting this to see if this can give some of our smarter redditors a lead toward either furthering this discussion, or debunking this once and for all.

The link:

credit to u/modgill who recently posted this, but had it deleted due to a lack of a post statement.

The link goes to a webpage called Altervista: Founded in 2000, Altervista has been a prominent platform for user-generated content. It has seen significant traffic, especially in the realm of food blogging, with about 30% of Italian cooking blogs being hosted on Altervista.

Here is a translation for the full post:

Posted on august 26, 2014 by luniversovibra
The videos listed below might show what was the cause of the disappearance of the large twin-engine of Malaysia Airlines, flight MH370, by three unidentified spherical objects; three UFOs?

In both clips, most likely captured by the same satellite but from different viewpoints, you will notice that the sequence of actions that took place during the abduction is the same.

MH370 01J The ownership of the videos might be indicated by the characters located at the bottom of the images shown in the first one, which would indicate that it could be the format used by the satellites of the National Reconnaissance Office. The second video, on the other hand, was made possible through thermal filter footage.

MH370 2J The videos were published by the same user, the YouTuber RegicideAnon, on May 19 and June 12, respectively.

MH370 3J In your opinion, thanks also to the complete synchronicity, in both videos, of the flight actions of both the planes and the spherical objects, could the video images show what really happened to the Malaysia Airlines flight named MH370?

MH370 – 1st video

MH370 – 2nd video

A few days after the disappearance of the Malaysian flight MH370 and with the first speculations, not unfounded, about an abduction of the aircraft, I was reminded of the TV Series: “The Event”.

In the very first episodes of the series, a civilian plane disappears using alien technology, to be later hijacked [False-Flag event] to a conference where the first black US president in history was preparing to inform humanity about the alien presence on planet Earth.

Menphis 75: “The TV series “THE EVENT” consists of 22 episodes for a total of about 22 hours of film. “Menphis75” reduced it, after careful work, to about 5 hours by assembling the most important and significant parts, a real concentrate, THE TOP!

Only those who have watched this video in its entirety have understood its importance and the truths announced, one of the reasons why they didn’t continue the series!

A video to download, spread, and absolutely watch that tells us many uncomfortable truths about what is really happening on planet Earth and what catastrophic awaits humanity if it doesn’t wake up quickly from this induced slumber!

Unfortunately, those who still refuse to believe, even in the face of the evidence of the facts that are emerging more than ever today, means they are still slaves. This means that, whether unconsciously or not, many are complicit in what has happened, is happening, and awaits us, to the detriment of the entire community! Remember: “those who do not punish evil, command it to be done.”

Even the planet itself is suffering, crying out for justice and can no longer wait for your and their whims. A completely indifferent humanity where no one wants to take responsibility as an individual and continues to delegate, even after a thousand lies and thefts, always to someone else their life and future, washing their hands, yet always ready to complain without ever having done anything.

In fact, it is the ignorant and the stupid who are the most dangerous of which we should worry so much is the conditioning in this Matrix! “There are fields, vast fields where men are not born, they are cultivated.” (The Matrix) – Here it is urgent to wake up before it is too late as this hostile hybrid race has already invaded us for eons and lives among us, whose leaders pull the real fate of the world from behind the scenes and call them aliens, demons, fallen angels, or archons.

And many of their faithful servants who sold us out, or their own hybrid children, sit in command of the main power centers to kill and enslave us slowly by every means and way. They fear our mass awakening because an aware citizen does not need leaders and masters to obey.

Therefore, they are accelerating the times of their final agenda called NWO to ensure their final harvest of souls and slaves in which I invite you to inform yourself as soon as possible because it is already late.”

Some themes covered in the series: Alien invasion, vaccinations, occult government, artificial pandemics, false-flag, secret experiments, dictatorship, underground alien bases, aliens in government, hybrids among us, depopulation, secret pacts, infiltrators in institutions, denied futuristic technologies, media censorship, plagiarized presidents, secret battle, denied history, galactic portal, microchip, enslaving humans, new world order, Nibiru, apocalypse, waiting for the final event, etc.. etc…

VIDEO IN ITALIAN ►►► “THE EVENT” ►►► video duration: 4.53.23

Another Youtube link, this one from 5 years ago:


-This poster (luniversovibra) references RegicideAnon, further alluding to the fact that they may be the original source.

– This website is sketchy and the post stinks. Gives me hoax vibes, but it could be this is just one of the people who so happened to pick up on RegicideAnon’s initial tweet, and it has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the content.

– The Event, a 1 season show airing from 2010-2011, begins it’s first episode with the president on the virge of disclosure, witnessing a passenger plane vanish into an alien created portal.

Hope this can be a lead, otherwise I’ll humbly accept my downvotes.

Thanks everyone, and go team disclosure.

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