Hi all,

Let me preface this by saying I saw these airliner videos numerous times, and just dismissed them. Seemed too unreal to ever consider.

Just wanted to raise something that may shift peoples thinking from another angle.

There are now thousands of people viewing and challenging these videos to try and provide evidence if possible or not, eith varying levels of expertise and knowledge.

Some of the info that seeming to be confirmed now is: – is possible to recreate, but would take some effort (only seen 1 decent recreation) – NROL 22 satellie seems to be plausible – location of disappearence seems plausible – stereoscopics add another level of plausibility, with 2 satellites that are in right spot providing images – plane type lines up with mh370 (to me this was biggest point of bs, but seems to be opposite with other points considered) – drone is plausible – timing is plausible

Ok, so let’s switch our thinking! Everything outlined above, would need to be decided before recreating the videos, if they are fake. It has taken many people with different experiences to create the list above on plausibility of it being real. So, how could the videos be created so quickly (even if at the later youtube date) by one person? How could they not only create the video, but align it to answer all the challenging flags on plausibility being raised? There would have needed to be certainty on the now known facts of MH370, drone cameras, satellite cameras and many more, before even starting the recreation. Casting your minds back to that time, there was not a lot of certainty on what happened or date that’s for sure.

To me, that does not sound plausible.

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