MH370 Inmarsat data logs: weird switching of the signaling from the aircraft to the Pacific Ocean Region satellite (POR) to the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) satellite while the aircraft was still on the ground at Kuala Lumpur Airport and the time the aircraft may have been over the Nicobar Islands.

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Looking at the MH370 Inmarsat logs that were released in 2017 to try and pinpoint the time the aircraft was near the Nicobar Islands and the “orb portal event” occurred, I noticed that something strange had occurred in the logs half an hour before the aircraft took off and also during the period when the aircraft may have been in the Nicobar Island locality.

The Inmarsat IOR / POR overlap

As the image above shows, Kuala Lumpur is right on the edge of the POR satellite coverage. The data that was released by Malaysian Airlines covered the aircraft’s (Airframe 9M-MRO) previous flight MH371 from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, on the morning of March 7, 2014. The aircraft took off at 16:30 UTC on March 7 2014 on the return MH370 flight, which, as we know, never made its destination.

MH371 (Beijing – Kuala Lumpur) and MH370 (Kuala Lumpur – Beijing) flight path

During the previous MH371 flight, the aircraft’s satcom unit switched between the POR and IOR satellites, picking the one with the best signal strength/signal-to-noise ratio:

Airframe 9M-MRO during previous MH371 flight, switching between IOR and POR (Column 6, AES Process Tab)

However, whilst the aircraft was still sitting on the tarmac at Kuala Lumpur, it suddenly switched to IOR at 15:59:46 UTC and remained fixed on that satellite for the remainder of the flight, which took off half an hour later at 16:30 UTC on March 7, 2014.

POR/IOR switchover on the tarmac (Column 5, SU Log Tab)

This is in stark contrast to a few hours prior when the aircraft had landed and was being cleaned and refueled for the return journey:

Turnaround on tarmac frequently switches satellites (Column 5, SU Log Tab)

The satcom modem remained locked on IOR for the remainder of the ill-fated MH370 flight, despite initially following the intended flight path to Beijing. The “IOR only” data subsequently limited the ability to use Doppler calculations on the data packet Burst Frequency Offset (BFO) between the aircraft, the satellite, and the ground station:

Inmarsat Doppler correction explanation

Inmarsat analysis of BFO to determine possible search arcs

Dr. Victor Iannello, a physicist from the United States and his colleagues have done an amazing job analyzing the data for 9 years and has a very informative website for those interested. The following information about the provenance of the data makes for interesting reading:

Source of Inmarsat data

The unredacted data can be found here:

As for the data around the time the aircraft was possibly near the Nicobar Islands, I found the following:

Ping frequency times decline around the times the aircraft MAY have been near the Nicobar Islands (Column 1, time in UTC) before returning to normal, This period is between 18:40:56 and 23:13:58. The banking turn over Penang occurred approx 19:41 and if the aircraft remained at the same speed and heading, would have been in the Nicobar locality at approx. 20:45.

I definitely think something strange going on here, but I’d like to get other people’s opinions.

It appears that the satcom modem MIGHT have been interfered with half an hour before takeoff, manipulating the high gain antenna to only TX/RX with the IOR satellite. This would mean a deliberate plan was in place PRIOR to its disappearance (which reminds me of the Air New Zealand Mt Erebus crash, which Ross Coulthart worked on in his early legal career).

The anomaly with the lack of log-ons/ handshakes around the time period that the “orbs and portal” incident occurred probably requires deeper analysis too.

I’m banned from posting on r/UFOs (not sure why), but feel free to crosspost if necessary.

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