Let’s ignore the fact that these special and closed access programs are being illegally funded without congressional oversight, and withholding technology that could help stave off climate change and save countless species of animals from extinction over the next century. Let’s pause on that and try to see it from their perspective…

Could it be that they see themselves as the guardians of secrets so big that if disclosed the harm it could do to humanity could potentially outweigh the benefits?

Could they have knowledge of true NHI intentions?

Could they be sparing us from taking the red pill, knowing there’s a good chance we we will end up regretting it?

I’m not trying to attach some sort of altruistic sense of duty to these guys to convince everyone there actions could be justifiable. Lots of illegal stuff is going on here that we cannot turned blind eyes to. I’m only trying to consider what they may see their role being, contrary to what we all want to assume.

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