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“Imagine everything you’ve been taught, whether it’s through Sunday school or through regular formal education in school, or what our political leaders have told us and yes, even maybe our mothers and fathers around the dinner table have told us or maybe at bedtime about who we are right, in our background in our past, what if all that turned out to be not entirely accurate in fact? The very history of our species, the meaning of what it means to be a human being and our place in this universe what if all of that is now in question? What if it turns out that a lot of the things we thought were one way aren’t? Are we prepared to have this question with ourselves? Are we prepared to recognise that we are not at the top of the food chain that we are not the alpha predator, and that we are maybe somewhere in the middle.”

He is perfectly correct. It takes a long time to overcome the ontological shock which walks hand in hand with full disclosure. We are not talking about Roswell, or beings flying here from Zeta Reticuli or Sirius, we are talking about lifeforms which makes us look like ants. Our “science” is mainly wrong, our history is fake and our governments and media are a smoke and mirrors distraction. Here is the original video:

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