I have always been impressed by Fravor’s story becuase of the multiple witnesses willing (or allowed) to come forward. There are easily referenced and available interviews with those witnesses. Fravor might be the most visible face of the incident but Alex Dietrich (sp?) went on 60 minutes and I feel like I’ve seen documentation of discussion with radar operators. Mick west is right in that the Flir1 video really does not appear to show anything fantastic on it’s own, but that and the other evidence is what makes this really the best case for either UAP being advanced technology or this being a serious classified intelligence operation.

Graves is given a lot of credit because he seems to have a solid background and definitely has an interesting and plausible story but have any of his squadron-mates come out and said “yeah he’s legit we were all seeing these things”? I have seen a couple good interviews with him but Mick West did a pretty savage debunking of the the Gimbal video being anything discernibly otherworldly. With how much I’ve learned about parallax from watching his channel it’s really made the Gofast video pretty suspect as well.

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