First time poster, and have lurked here for a few months now.

I’ve been back and forth on the whole idea of UFOs/UAPs. This Grusch thing has really grabbed my attention and it’s been hard to ignore since the interview released.

I watched this video, and many explanations of how these things would be created or used with our current understanding of physics and material science. It’s even more interesting because it isn’t about UAPS at all, or aliens, it’s just a science video.

Several points throughout the video I had what felt like switches going off in my head. Things making sense. I am still healthily skeptical, but this video has added to the pile of growing data for myself.

To me, it was the explanation of the shape, and appearance of the device while in a warp bubble, It was also the portion that mentioned needing a warp bubble to make one.

Maybe the reason we can’t get good pictures is because the device is surrounded in a warp bubble.

Maybe there hasn’t been many breakthroughs that we know about because the device doesn’t create this warp bubble, it just maintains it. Like we have a bundle of sticks, but we don’t have the lighter we need to start the fire.

We’ve heard multiple times that exotic metals are usually involved, supper conducting material as well. There are points that don’t lend themselves to UAPs, but there are also caveats that this is all theoretical and no even close to being fully explored.

I’m not sure, nobody else I know would be interested in this so I figured I’d share it with you all.

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