In light of all the speculation of MH370 video being fake v real, what were some arguments made that the 2004 USS Nimitz Tic-Tac video was fake? Since we now know it from a credible source, what kind of things were folks saying to prove it false? Can we look at how we approached that, proof of it being fake vs what we now know, and find similarities in how we’re approaching the MH370 UAP Incident? I can’t seem to dig up much information in light of the recent hearings flooding results, but maybe some of the folks here with longer memories remember what was being said or could dig up some old posts debunking the tic tac videos.

I seem to recall a popular mechanics article debunking it based on physics, radar anomalies, etc. but that was after the pentagon released the videos.

Here’s a post from 15 days ago about the original above top secret forum which posted the USS Nimitz video:

And here’s the original above top secret post where the video was leaked:

This is a treasure trove of debunkers and believers arguing on the legitimacy. We can look at these arguments with fresh eyes now, knowing that much of the information has been validated by other sources.

Here are some of what the debunkers say:

the A/C , according to the data displayed on the vid – is flying a level course at cruising speed , maintaining altitude and compass bearing , it makes no manouvers , outside of simple trim adgustmets

the claimed intercept speeds / altutudes and manouvers described in the OP text , simply are not co – oberated my the vid

nor does it make any attempt to persue the ” object ” or maintain lockon when it ” vanishes ” from view

IMHO , this clip is either misrepresented or a blatant hoax , edited after the fact to make it seem like routine training footage is actually an UFO intercept

PS – i guess this vid validates my observation in your last thread 📷 when i pointed out that HUD cameras do not encode the ” pilot nick name “

another poster goes on to say:

Firstly, the video is similar to (though not the same one as) a video purportedly from an Australian jet fighter’s HUD (Heads-Up Display) created last year by a film maker called Chris Kenworthy. He created that video as part of a series of “UFO” forming an “immersive artwork” project funded by the Australian Film Commission.

This follows with a lot of really good analysis and conjecture, with seemingly very validating evidence towards the USS Nimitz Tic Tac video being a German film student’s project.

I think it’s also worth pointing out that I’m almost fully certain that it’s the camera panning to the right at the end, not the dot moving to the left. A simple attempt to create the illusion of movement from the dot.

here’s an argument from experience debunking the now validated video:

having been a tech in the Navy for 10 years working on tracking systems I gotta agree 100% with ignorantape once again. Now that you have released the AMAZING video. Absolutely nothing extrordinary about it at all eccept your comments..AND if any debunking has been done it was by yourself with the comment about the pilots NICK appearing in the HUD video…..

I find it very interesting to read the tone of the debunkers and believers alike in light of the recent MH370 arguments that have been happening. There’s such a similarity between the two videos in terms of how people are arguing about it, I think we can take a look at these old arguments and styles of communication and learn a lot about how we are interacting with each other presently in this new situation.

Thank you!

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