Lately, there has been much chatter about disinformation, especially on /r/ufos. Some posts or comments receive extreme downvotes or upvotes, leading to suspicions and questions. This could just be how Reddit works, but we should also pay attention to things that appear to be quickly removed from the web (or hard to find).

I wonder if there’s a way to analyze the data from Reddit’s r/ufo subreddit (and others) to uncover the true statistics? Such as historical data on posts in these subreddits and which ones were most upvoted and which ones were downvoted to oblivion? We are constantly having to link to as videos/sites are deleted? Why is this specific content being deleted? Why is it so hard to search for videos, articles related to UAPs/UFOs?

Perhaps this information could only be accessed through Reddit’s system administrators, but the ultimate goal would be to gain insights into the most downvoted or upvoted content—whether through individual posts or comments. By identifying trends in those that quickly rise or fall, we may be able to detect if certain topics are being deliberately promoted or suppressed?

As humans, we have pretty short attention spans, and I am assuming whoever is trying to suppress info (if anyone) would just assume that things “go away” over time as people lose interest.

We need an

Most of it would be BS, but if there is truly someone trying to cover that up, some of it would be real and we should try and weed out those things.

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