Farmer in the town of Chochis, Bolivia is interviewed, describes UAP/ ET sightings:

17:40 onward- man describes encountering orbs on several different occasions. He and his wife witnessed them entering his home. He then describes an encounter with an ET (a gray) on his property. The gray had three fingers/ large black opaque eyes.

27:00 onward – there have been many similar sightings by neighbors in the area. There’s a particular hill where they can hear sounds of machinery coming from inside the ground; hence the neighborhood has theorized there may be an ET base located underground there.

30:34 The homeowner shows a photo of a luminous UFO he recently took in the daytime which was located in front of a mountain in the area.

Bolivian UFO / ET sightings (2 yrs ago in Santa Cruz)

Witnesses describe ET beings with oval elongated head, three fingers. More UFO sightings in Bolivia (7yrs ago)

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