Submission statement: I made a comment on a post early about watching airplanes at night and seeing bizarre things with the naked eye. Tonight my wife and I are out watching for the meteor shower, we noticed a plane and so decided to record it. I apologize in advance for my rambling and heavy breathing, a guy in COD told me once “turn down your diabetes!” Anyway we watch planes at night sometimes because, often enough we catch some weird stuff. So tonight we noticed the plane coming so I thought to record it. This is the third time I’ve seen this happen in front of a plane, any thoughts. At one point you can hear my wife’s descriptions of another object she is watching in another direction, and I didn’t see it.

recorded is 4:18min but for some reason I’ve been unable to upload it directly. So i broke it up here, the first clip is of the end with the possible UFO. Then from beginning to end 1 minute sections in order. Sorry best I could do.

The video.

3:35am August 13th Northern Alberta.

At 00:52-54 confident it’s a meteor.

2:33 Jupiter is the light source coming up from the bottom right.

3:52 to 3:58. Weird, right?

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